Teaching Them Young: Buying Gifts To Encourage Them Grow

By Stacy T. Magner

When renting a car, I would advise you to first find some car rental coupons This little piece of paper ended up saving me some money the last time that I went on a voyage. I found my promotion online, printed it off, and kept the coupon with me as I went to my new destination.

I like saving some money and I ended up putting the savings in my budget to spend as I traveled. I was visiting my niece and nephew that had gotten much bigger since the last time I had visited them. At the time, I didn't think that they would recollect the presents that I had bought for them.

I was always pretty cautious in my spending, so I would get them very basic presents. I wanted to get them a present that would help with their education, so I was prepared to spend more on this gift. My nephew is pretty young at 5, but my niece was about to turn 8 years old. Each of them are in a part of their growth where learning is so important.

I had convinced myself to hold back on buying their gifts until I arrived, so that I could see what they already had. It was very amusing to show them around the mall, while my brother and his wife were out at work during the day. Luckily, my car had a built-in GPS system to help me get around. This was essential for me to find my way around on this trip. Those two appeared to really enjoy themselves in the mall. My nephew finally settled on a large, children's dinosaur book, while my niece decided on a portable video game system. I made sure to examine the game and see if it taught her something before I agreed to buy it for her.

I was reminded of my older brother, while I spent time with them as they played with their toys. He would never let me play with his things. That's one of the reasons I had chosen to rent my own vehicle while I was visiting. It is also the reason that I decided to purchase my young nephew his own personal video game too. He was satisfied with his book, but I was predicting that he would want a video game in a day or two.

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