Time to set off on the journey of Sailing the Seven Seas

By John Doe

So you wish to get a boat.

Before launching into it with the heart and not your head, you need to have your feet on solid ground and try your very best to get your head out of the clouds.

When you are purchasing something as big of a deal as a boat, yacht or cruiser, it is smart to get the expert advice of an authorized marine surveyor first.

Very similar to when you purchase a residential property or even merely a automobile or motorbike, a recognized ship surveyor will perform several standard steps that will assist you in making a sensible decision about your future payment

Except for attesting the seaworthiness of the craft in question, a marine surveyor will be offering you an analogous service as that of the NRMA, Red Book and Revs.

Just as you'd never purchase a auto that lookedcunning or worse "too good to be true "marine surveyors will make sure that you ship or yacht isn't a floating lemon, ready to sink as fast as you take it out on the water.

Some of the services that licensed marine surveyors provide include:

i. Pre-Purchase Inspections

ii. Insurance Inspection Reports

iii. Valuation or Evaluation

iv. Damage Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection will expose all the boat's troubles and highlight any areas which need attention, fix or that can affect the last price on settlement.

Insurance reports are required by your designated insurance firm and must be recent, comprehensive and signed off before you get to cast your first line into the harbor.

If you're selling a ship, you may want to know what it's worth before you put it in The Trading Post, so an authorized valuation and assessment of the craft will do you well.

If you're purchasing a boat, you might want to grasp if it has a checkered past "this is where damage inspections and reports come in. And where you will if you do not like what yoursee.

So whether you're in the market for The Love Boat or The Ship That Rocked, you may want to employ the services of a marine surveyor first "because it's better you get that sinking feeling before you sign the check than after when you're adhering to a floatation device and grabbing a beacon.

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