Using A Helmet Can Increase Your Chances Of Survival

By Diane Knudsen

Wearing a helmet can increase your chance of survival when you are involve in an accident. But despite of this there are a bunch of people who ignore and disregard the idea of wearing a helmet.

During the 1950's the first helmet was introduced. This is because in this era, fatalities for motorcycle riding were getting higher due to speeding or faster driving by motorcycle riders.

California Police was the first to adapt to wearing the helmets. During the 1966 a law that mandates the wearing of head protection was introduced. And 1970's was the year when most of the states made some kind legislation for the purpose of mandatory wearing of helmet.

However, since this has been selected a state by state basis. Many states have changed their laws backwards and forwards over the years and using some states laws on this books are rarely enforced.

You don't have to be a motorcycle driver to find out that most fatalities involving motorcycles are from head injuries. This only shows as well as proves the importance of the helmet.

Studies also shows that person who doesn't wear head protection is 40% more prone to be killed if they may be in a collision than people that do. Furthermore, helmet riders employ a 70% success rate to avoid serious brain damage during any sort of accident.

Still, some motorcycle competitors have excuses for not even wearing head protection when riding. One of the easiest ones is that they feel restrictive and so they can't enjoy the freedom having air on their face when riding a motorcycle once they have a helmet.

Fortunately, today many kinds of discount motorcycle helmets you can choose from when you are a motorcycle rider. With all this variation in styles, it is likely that anyone can find a helmet that will suits your personality while safeguarding yourself even saving your life in case there is an accident.

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