What On Earth Are The Odd Sounding Contraptions They Call Bimini Tops?

By Neil Johns

Do you need some protection from the sun's rays while out on your boat? A bimini top could be exactly what you are looking for. Small, yet durable and providing great cover, they're a great accessory to add on your boat.

A bimini top, or a boat top, is a tough mini-roof produced from a tough materialâ€"usually vinyl, acrylic fabric or a mixture of vinyl and polyester. The name derives from the Bimini island in the Bahamas, where this kind of roof, or top on boats, was first employed by local boaters to safeguard them from the intensive level of the sun. A bimini top also will provide protective cover from the cold soaking rain.

Choosing the correct bimini top will depend on the size of your boat, what color you prefer, and how much money you are willing to spend. The most durable of all bimini tops are made from urethane-coated polyester. This type of top is made so that it will not fade, stretch, or leak. A well-constructed boat top, if it is maintained properly, will not collect mildew or lose its strength over time.

When selecting a great, durable bimini top, be certain to verify the construction of the metal frame. The tubing ought to be manufactured from a very durable metal, like stainless steel or aluminum. Stainless steel is normally the more costly tubing available, but it is in addition more durable and should last many long years.

Before putting in an order for a bimini top, you will want to carefully measure all of the size of your boat to be sure that you obtain a good-fitting top for the boat you have. Bimini tops are found at most all boat upholsterers and the sales team are skilled in helping you pick out the best top for you, taking your boat's size and your finances available. You two choices of getting the top from a marine upholsterer and having the dealership attach the bimini top for you, or if you wish to lower your costs, you can attach the top yourself by asking 'nicely' for some guidelines from the marine upholsterer.

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