What On Earth Is Ford Planning For The Next Few Years?

By Brenda Y. Starks

Not long ago, Ford named their new Operational Director, Tavares Carlos and additionally introduced their plans for the next few years. Ford is aggressively looking to have a strong brand identity in Europe and America and be competitive in the SUV niche in China. Consider ford extended warranty for buying ford.

Having said that, Ford is attempting to become an environmentally friendly company, so they are mounting solar panels on the roofs of their factories in France. The solar panel project is the biggest for the automobile industry as the solar panels will cover 450,000 square meters and supply 60 megawatts of power that is certainly enough to power 20,000 homes.

The project will commence in June and will be finished in February of next year. They aspire to lower the degree of pollution in the environment. There had been a similar project initiated by Seat in their Spanish factories.

The company is additionally doing their best to restore trust after the industrial espionage. Ford is doing their best to become a more desirable brand that offers high end cars. The industrial espionage scandal impacted the good name of the company but this is only one of the issues. The Ford authorities confessed they have a pale image and the concept of some of their cars is somewhat obsolete.

Revolutionary changes began to happen at the company when Ford hired Laurens van den Acker as chief designer. An example of this will be the next generation Clio with its state of the art electronics and advanced body and engine.

Moreover, Ford sold 150 000 vehicles of medium and superior class in 2005 and the sales from last year scarcely got over 100 000. For the time being, Ford must work on the cars that will generate the most money and wait for the new models that will hit the streets in 2014-2015. The press in France think that Ford ought to make an effort to even out the large divide between their partner, Nissan in the amount of cars sold as Nissan has sold over four million cars while Ford has sold 2.6 million cars.

Another problem that Ford has will be the lack of presence in China but are trying to fix that between 2013 and 2016. Moreover, the business has in no way made a substantial mark in the US either. Whilst no one is sure if Ford plans to get back to the US market, they are looking to establish more of a presence in Russia and Brazil. As for the Indian market, they are struggling somewhat but continue to produce new cars that should appeal to Indian consumers.

Therefore, for Ford to attain their goal of selling an extra 400,000 cars in the next few years, they will need to continue to innovate and improve the designs on all their cars.

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