Worried You Don't Have the Skills to Build a Boat?

By Martin Reid

The most frequently asked question when it comes to building a boat is how difficult it is. People who want to build a boat are usually concerned whether their skills are enough to do the job right in a practical amount of time. Luckily, there are already several boat plans for all types of skills, from complex boat plans to simple. Complex boat plans are made for experienced shipwrights while simple boat plans are for beginners. Simple boat plans have step-by-step guides that are easy to follow.

Old-fashioned questions related to lofting a boat can be answered online. Until now, information about building a boat can be misleading and confusing. This article will explain in detail the skills required in creating a modern boat that will bring you many hours of joy and accomplishment.

Choose the outline The first thing you should do is to look at the different outlines of the boat you want to construct. A boat with complex curves or a rounded bottom is difficult to build. On the other hand, a boat with mostly flat curves near the plywood is easy to build.

Hull dimensions Next, if possible, ask the boat designer if the finishing shape of the hull has been pre lofted or pre-determined. In the old days, it would be difficult for you to determine the final shape of the boat's hull due to the errors in the drafting materials and architectural scales. So to determine the full size of the hull, you have to redraw the full size of the boat and use lengthy thin wood planks as a spline. After you finish the drawing, you can now decide the final dimensions of the hull you want to build.

Frame dimensions Fortunately, with today's advanced technology, inaccuracies are not an issue anymore. Boats are now designed using Computer Aided Design or CAD. With CAD, the final proportions of the framing parts are well determined within 1/8" in accuracy. Once the design is finished, you can build the frames according to the drawing patterns.

Required skills Now, let's take a look at the ability set you will need to create an advanced, pre-lofted boat design. First, accuracy is crucial. Measure everything accurately with patience. This is actually not a complicated skill to obtain. You have the necessary skills if you are able to use a tape measure within 1/8 inch, and if you can utilize it to craft a pencil mark.

Next, you should have the ability to cut straight lines using a handsaw. If you like, you can use a back saw as a cutting tool or any cutting tool with easy bench hook to keep the frame in its right place while you do the cut. You can also use a table saw, circular saw, power miter saw, or radial arm saw. Cutting is also not a hard skill to obtain. You only need about 30minutes of practice on some scrap lumber and that can give you the ability you need to cut the wood properly.

Next, you should be able to use a drawknife, power plane, hand plane, or disk sander. These tools are important to make the framing smooth and so the wood planking will have a plain and smooth surface. This does not require a skill set, but you need patience.

In addition, you should be able to bore holes in different woods. This means you should also be able to control a screwdriver that is cordless. Luckily with power tools, you do not need any exceptional skills to do this simple activity.

Finally, proper mixing of epoxy is also needed. This activity also does not require any special skills. Proper mixing only requires you to follow the directions meticulously. Once you mix the epoxies in proper proportions, you can make a full strength mixture. So, follow the directions precisely and mix the epoxies thoroughly.

You might be surprise about this short list. But really, this is all you should know on how to build a boat successfully. With these skills, you can build a boat you would be proud of.

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