69 Sturgis: Best Selling Design Ever

By Laurie Williams

Those who have spent a lot of time with bikers will know how creative the designs can be in terms of biker art. This artwork can be found on the clothing they wear, the tattoos on their bodies and even on their motorcycles. Some of this artwork is so good it probably belongs in a museum somewhere. So it is no wonder that many people will want to ask the question about which piece of biker artwork is the best one?

There is no definitive answer to this question but most biker retailers would say that the 69 Sturgis skeletons would probably be the best selling designs over the last few years. If it's not the best-seller of all time it is at least the best selling design from the 2009 biker season. Merchandise from the 2009 rally such as coffee mugs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, posters and hoodies all had this design on them. At the Online Biker Shop we even have a couple of T-shirts and hoodies with the artwork.

So what makes this artwork so special? The three things that most bikers love above all else are included on the design and they are sex, skeletons and booze. The fact that the Sturgis bike rally of 2009 was the 69th of its kind was something that the artist took advantage of and this made the design even more interesting and exciting.

You should really consider looking it up now if you haven't seen it already. The artwork was so creative that it was even incorporated into the 2010 rally by adding "+1" and an extra skeleton. I wonder if the artist for both was one in the same.

Creativity is one of the hallmarks of the artists who create the images for bike rallies. They are able to capture the spirit of each rally along with the unique aspects which separate it from the others. They also manage to create a fantastic picture for each bike season when all the artwork is put together.

It looks as though the design from the 2009 rally is going to remain the best selling design for some time. But we always have 2012 to look forward to. We can't wait to see what shows up at next year's rallies.

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