Add Rain Guards To Your Truck For A Unique Driving Experience During A Storm

By Melanie Idee

You are driving on the highway enjoying the cool, fresh natural breeze flowing in thru your windows. Suddenly it begins to rain or snow and you've got to raise your window glasses to save yourself and the car interiors from getting wet. Now the real problem starts. It becomes stuffy and warm within causing you to feel uncomfortable. Visibility is already low because of the weather and then you windscreen and window glasses start to get misty making it far worse. The only possibility is to switch online conditioning and you start to feel better and the glass clears up a bit. What started as a dream drive has been reduced to a not so pleasurable crawl. If only there had been a way to keep those windows slightly open. You can do that if you install a rain guard.

A rain guard, also called window deflector, vent visor or window visor is a cheap vehicle accessory that may be installed quite easily and provides various benefits besides enhancing the outward appearance of the car. Depending on the make and model there are 2 common installation techniques. They either snap into the window channel or are taped on to the window. Either way installation won't take more than one or two minutes. It's an accessory that's worth installing. There are a bunch of benefits that this straightforward enhancement can offer. Here we discuss some of those benefits.

You can enjoy the fresh air in every kind of climate conditions as you can keep your window partially open even during rain or snow. So it goes without saying that it'll preclude your vehicle interiors and the occupants from getting wet in the rain.

Rain guard decreases fogging. Fogging happens when the inside of the automobile is warmer and wetter than the outside. By allowing you to keep your windows open rain guards help equalize these conditions keeping the windscreens and window glass clear.

Rain guards also help in keeping the drive quieter by reducing the road noise. It also keeps the snow from the hood of your car from blowing into the auto with the wind.

If you utilize a rain guard of a darker shade it'll reduce the daylight that comes into the car from the windows and so will keep your auto cooler and reduce glare.

Do window visors help in reducing fuel usage? Yes, they do. The aerodynamics of the automobile is best when the windows are closed. Open windows increases the air resistance and so reduces the mileage of your automobile at higher speeds. Rain guards forestall barely open windows from rocketing the wind resistance helping improve the mileage. Mileage is also improved due to the fact that there's no necessity to use the air conditioning.

Window visors keep the air within your car fresher. The rushing wind outside the visor creates a low pressure area slightly under it and it sucks out the air from within the automobile keeping the fresh air circulating well.

All of the above advantages come free with this cheap, straightforward to install accessory. So install that rain guard and enjoy the fresh air, low noise and better visibility in all types of weather while saving on fuel. Of course there are more advantages like being able to smoke, but then smoking was never good for health so we will leave it at that.

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