The Best Care And Maintenance Practices For Motobatt Motorcycle Batteries

By Mabelle Barlow

Along with the fuel, the motorcycle like other vehicles also needs a battery to run. The battery is required in start ups of bikes and many other vehicles, as the electric starter draws current from the battery. This only means that if you don't have a battery, you will not be able to ride your motorcycle. For this reason, you have to make sure your Motobatt motorcycle batteries are in good condition so when you have to travel long distances or longer hours, you won't find yourself stuck in the middle of the road because your battery has run out of juice.

Also, by employing care and maintenance, you are extending the life of your battery. While most advanced batteries are usually maintenance free, there are still basic things you have to learn to properly care for them.

Storage is of the facets you should be concerned about. Here you should know that there is no truth to the claim that storing batteries on a concrete floor can discharge them. What you should keep in mind instead is if you are not going to use your motorbikes for more than six weeks, you should remove your battery and place it in a dry area, away from electronics and fire or from an area where it can freeze from the cold. Also, similar to MotoBatt ATV batteries, you should be reminded to have your battery fully charged and its terminals and case fully cleaned prior to storage. Other than the storage tips, you also have to familiar with the proper charging practices.

An important rule to follow is to use the right kind of charger, one that is suitable to the kind of battery you're using. A few other essentials to note are: red is positive and black is negative so connect the red clip to the positive end and the green clip to the negative end; the charger should give greater output than battery voltage; and you will have to disconnect the charger from the battery after recharging unless you are using an optimizer.

If you have a new battery, then you should know that the first charge is the most important charge it would acquire in its lifespan. Hence it should be done properly. The rule of thumb is to charge it for at least 8 hours. On the average, a battery can last for up to 3 to 5 years using a motorcycle charger.

For maximum lifespan, you can employ automatic smart chargers such as those available through With the use of these chargers, you would not have to worry about any potential damage if you fail to disconnect your charger after charging is completed.

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