Building plywood boat plans

By Martin Reid

For anybody who enjoys boating everything is important to them when it comes to boating. Even more exciting to them is when they can build their own boat, even if it is out of plywood at home. Although boating was not as popular in the past it has picked up in popularity and more people are using it for their leisure time than ever before.

Although a plywood boat is simple to make you will still need the will power to convert a dream into reality. You can find a variety of reference guides to assist you in your creation. However, you will still need to use your own skill and creativity to bring your masterpiece to light.

As with any boat you will be applying the plywood to a frame of sorts. In every construction safety is something that must be considered. In not just your life but the lives of anybody that may use the boat. So its consideration is needed in the building of any boat.

In any project, you should always consider the best materials you can afford. With wood, you can make a good quality frame for the boat, usually called the ribs in boating terminology. The better quality the wood is the stronger the frame will be. The ribs are usually positioned in such a way that the hull can be built on the frame while it is upside down.

After the initial phase of the ribs is built the next step in the process is to run a piece of wood down the middle of the ribs called the keelson. This will help to form the prow of the boat. Continue in this fashion with each piece of wood, attaching everything to the ribs and keelson as you build it out. Making sure you do not have any gaps between any of the boards, running each board down the full length of the boat.

Just using wood is not enough. You will still have to seal it, waterproof it, and stain or paint it. Of course the stain or paint is optional and dependent on the persons taste but not the first two if you want something that will remain afloat. Built correctly the boat will be a masterpiece and will provide you years of pleasure with the right care.

One product that can be used to finish it and to help it last longer is fiberglass. Of course it isn?t a necessity but is something else that can help the builder out to make the craft fully waterproof. Some builders will see this as cheating but other will see it as a matter of convenience. Whether you use it or not is your decision as the builder.

Regardless of how you finish your boat the initial design will still be the same. Ensuring you make the boat with safety in mind during construction and use will prove you with ease of mind for the future, especially as you use your creation.

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