City Car of the Future

By Maya Lynch

The trend of planning for the future is prevalent in all walks of life. One example of this is the fact that most people are looking for city cars that are designed to not only support the future environmental stability but also economy of the owner of the car. In effect, city cars of the future will have all the attributes that support the future of the car owner and the environment.

Everyone in the world is looking towards the future because the future, as of now, seems threatened by various dangers such as global warming and poor global economic stability. This is why most visions of the city car of the future incorporate the following characteristics:

Alternative sources of energy: The most important aspect of the city cars of the future is that they would run on alternate sources of energy because the sources of energy that the world currently depends upon are quickly getting depleted. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the prices of petroleum based fuels are rising, as per experts.

The dependence of future family carson alternate sources of energy such as electricity, solar energy, tidal energy and even wind energy means that the sources of energy would never run out and leave humanity in a lurch.

Environmentally friendly: Another benefit of the future cars being based on alternate sources of energy would be that the global environment, which is in trouble right now, would be able to regain its health and stability. Problems like global warming and glacial size reduction would cease to exist simply because the emissions from future cars would be next to none.

Fuel economy: The future cars are also expected to be more efficient in terms of their fuel consumption because technological efficiency is something that is of high priority to most car owners, researchers and even manufacturers. In effect, the city car of the space age and beyond would have to have fuel economy as one of its qualities.

Performance: Cars with the above attributes have already been designed and are on the verge of coming onto the roads. However, the current problem that most manufacturers and researchers are facing with the city car of the future is that, to achieve the previously listed characteristics, compromises have to be made in terms of the performance of the car.

Even so, the trends reveal that the performance level related limitations are also being dealt with. Effectively, the city car of the future would not only have the characteristics listed above but would also not require the car owner to compromise on things like speed, power and comfort.

In simple words, a city car of the future would be a long way ahead of what the current cars are like in terms of everything including source of energy, impact on the environment, efficiency and even performance related markers.

Moreover, as mentioned above, city cars with all the above characteristics are already on the verge of being launched for the common man to purchase.

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