The complete guide to boat buying

By Martin Reid

As you consider buying a boat you are going to think about buying it new or used. Either will work, but you need to first decide what you are going to do with this boat. Then you can decide if you want to go with a new or used boat.

Of course depending on the type of boat it might make some of this decision for you. If you are looking for something that is usually expensive you might think about saving some money by buying it used. If it is not normally expensive then it might be well worth the extra money to buy it new. The decision will have to be yours.

Let?s go through what you should think of as you decide to buy a boat. The first thing you need to decide is what type of boat. Is it something to be just used by you and a buddy or something the whole family will use? Of course the bigger the boat the more uses for it and the more expensive it gets.

Once you decide what it will be used for then you can decide whether to buy it new or used. Are there some boats around you that you can buy for used that are in really good shape? Alternatively, will you have to buy a new one for your purposes? You can save money by buying it used but just as in buying a used car you need to make sure you understand what could go wrong.

Now that you have decided what type of boat, and if you are buying new or used you can decide how to shop for it. If you are buying it new you can go to a dealer and look. Another option is to find out when they are having the next boat show in your area, which would be a great place to go.

You get to see all the latest innovations and can do some comparisons between different types of boats easier than if you went to a dealer. Helping you to eliminate what you don?t want and maybe even help make your choice for you while you are there. Make sure you ask about discounts from being at the show while you are there if you find something specific that you are seriously considering.

If buying a used boat you will have to approach the look for your boat in a different way. Go to the nearest lake and look at the boats. Get to know some of the people and talk to them about their boats. You might even get lucky and get to go out on some of them. If you are extremely lucky you may find somebody who is thinking about selling theirs.

Take your time and think about your purchase. Researching it and making sure it does everything you want it to be used for, and you will do fine. Knowing what you want is going to be the key.

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