Could You Improve Your Gas Mileage Using Fuel Additives?

By Aaron Samson

Advertising for oil and fuel additives can be found almost everywhere and you can buy them in many stores. They all make the exact same claim, that by adding them to your gasoline your car will get better gas mileage. Some of the products suggest they are FDA approved, but this is denied by the FDA.

Just about any practical person will question how it is possible for products with false FDA approval claims on their labelling to be found on retail shelves. What exactly are consumers expected to do, and who are they to believe? In the shortage of an honest and truthful authority, consumers have difficulty evading deceiving product claims. Some of these components are just put in the tank as you are filling up with gas, and then you get better mileage, according to the directions. Well, the volume of gas necessary to fill the tank will be reduced (by the volume of the additive), but it is doubtful that the gas mileage will improve.

Some of the substances in the additive are tin, magnesium, and platinum, which supposedly help clean the deposits on the bottom of the tank. If your product contains acetone, do not use it, since any plastic pieces in the fuel system may be dissolved. Some people say that a small volume of acetone won't hurt, but there is no way to know when you have surpassed this amount. It really is pretty risky to test, considering there is no evidence that the product works to begin with. Imagine messing up your automobile's fuel system with a product that failed to deliver on its promises. The majority of additives won't harm your car in any way, but they are also not necessary to add to your gas tank.

The marketing approach is to get the consumer to believe that the product will bring about the more efficient running of his car. The marketing persuades a lot of consumers, so when they fill up, they also put in a bottle of additive. It is difficult for consumers to validate whether the product lives up to its claims, but the manufacturer profits as long as people keep buying in sufficient quantity. One reason why these types of additives are not necessary may be the fact that the gas already has ingredients which will do the same thing. Even though fuel additives typically are not that expensive, if they're not doing what they say, then they are a waste of money. If additives don't help because the gasoline already does the job perfectly well, then don't be conned into buying them.

The additives that are currently there for the oil, are just adding in what the oil already has. What is critical, though, is to use the oil that is appropriate for your car. Your engine might be wrecked by using oil which has a different grade.

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