Escort Passport 8500 x50 Radar Detector Review

By Dave Lashier

The Escort Passport 8500 x50 Radar and Laser Detector is delivering on the promise of new and improved capabilities. It has many features that put it a step above the competition and in many cases make the competition obsolete, even a thing of the past. The first thing to mention is obvious form the title of the product.

So what is so unique about this detector? Surely it is not just the design of the unit that is the only appealing feature. The Escort Passport 8500 x50 detects both Radar and Laser speed monitors. In the past, most models available on the market were doing one or the other, and neither as efficiently as the advanced models being offered today. The first thing any lead foot is going need is some warning ahead of time to slow down.

The features of this detector are quite remarkable and are worthy of considering as far as radar detectors are concerned. The modes of function include highway and residential settings for optimized performance no matter the conditions. Problems with sensors of the past have been false alarms. The Escort 8500 is sensitive to this type of interference and automatically filters out these annoying occurrences. The product comes with a warranty, showing that the company has confidence in their product and you can in turn have confidence in your driving.

What else stands out for this incredible radar detector? Did we mention the small size that fits well in your car? The product is small and light weight at just around two pounds, making for easy movement from vehicle to vehicle should that be a concern of yours. This new model of a trusted piece of equipment has drastically improved its sensitivity on all bands and that is especially true on the Ka Band. Another very appealing feature of the product is that the alerts can set to different volumes. This can be very important on long trips in which the alarm will undoubtedly be occurring many times. A mute button is also easily located on the front of the device.

While this is a feature that is not automatically enabled on the device, it can be utilized through a simple alteration of the machines basic functions. Also adding to the list of positive elements regarding this product is the ZR3 laser jamming capability that comes standard on every model. Basically the Escort 8500 offers you a long list of pros and a very short list of cons. The only con that really stands out is that the Pop detection feature is not already functioning by default when the product is operating.

Besides being a very cool looking device it will save you a ton of money on speeding tickets! Now that is something worth considering! While the cost comes in at nearly three hundred dollars, the accuracy and performance of this product is certainly worth the price tag. If you were to go merely a hundred dollars cheaper, the loss of accuracy and likely resulting speeding tickets would not be worth the money saved. The product is versatile, highly acclaimed, and consistently gets rave reviews from anyone that has tried it. Every driver's money should be on this machine. It speeds past the competition.

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