Excellent Wipers - Window Pane Replacement Review

By Michael Edwards

The product performes very well, and I have no complaints. Need to use original or aftermarket door repair Vancouver holders or simply change the rubber inserts.

The wipers are working great! I've had the RainX Latitude on my small truck for around 18 months and they are far exceptional in my opinion. Plus they look wonderful on my small Mercedes!

They were my first venture into the non standard kind of blades, been on my truck for approximately Six months to date but still working well, normally by now I'd start to see streaks from cracks in the rubber on convential blades. They worked completely for seven or eight months. Recently I installed 2 sets of these wipers on my F150 and my wife's Explorer. Each time I encountered a rain storm, I had to live with the same consistent, annoying noise basically didn't want to compromise my very own safety. There's a hook cover that safeguards the main hinge from snow and ice build-up - this can be a nice touch. Got fed up with buying $4.00 wipers every 3 months.

On the merchandise says "eligible free of charge Super Saver Shipping" however when you take a look at, it's not going to let you choose. A great idea if you do not mind paying extra for fancy looking windshield wipers that do same thing and last the same amount of time. Great product, particularly when utilized in conjunction with rain-x or similar products, it really works. The blade by itself does not seem all that unique, either. Just got hit with 4 feet of snow, these blades handled it with now problem.

I had 1 wiper per box, every box measuring about 28"x16"x8", with yards of brown paper stuffing included. Fantastic wipers! After I need wipers again, I will most likely use the MicroEdge: no far-right fitment problem, and they are not made in China! The substitute worked just like the original.

Notice how I decide to place "All-Season" in quotes, that might be simply because they could not even make it 30 days through this winter season without cracking in several locations and becoming so ridgid that they're totally ineffective. After a couple of months the wipers fell apart and started streaking very badly and this was before it even started snowing. In conjunction with applying RainX to the windshield, the result is very similar a fresh car from the dealer's lot. I place them onto my 1997 Honda Civic and my wife's 2001 Honda Accord. We both spent additional time on the side of the street, cleaning the ice/snow from these, hoping they'd maintain connection with the glass.

These bracketless wipers have a clean look and clean windshields well. An enormous improvement for me. Bosch Evolution All-Season Bracketless Wiper Blades do a great job of clearing the windshield of virtually every drop of rain/water. Well it had been about the normal six months time here in New Jersey to exchange the standard metal bracket wiper blades, however I read some very good reviews on this window pane replacement. They are epic.

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