A Few Tips for the Keen Motocross Rider

By Tom Duddle

Motocross is an exciting sport. If you are a fanatical rider looking to hit it big in the motocross circuit, you need to keep in mind the way ahead is totally full of challenges. Here are a few tips that any avid motocross rider would do well to keep in mind.

Find the correct gear

For all the fun that motocross gives you, there are plenty of hazards concerned. So being fitted out with the proper gear is vital. Motocross helmets, clothing, boots, pants, protection and chest protectors are a selection of the most vital gear you need to supply yourself with. Make certain to check for a seal that attests the standard of your motocross helmet and other equipment.

Be happy with your Motocross bike

Before you hit the tracks, it's vital that you make yourself happy with the bike on which you're going to ride. If you have a new bike, first make yourself acquainted with its workings. Try riding on a rough track so you learn how to get your balance right. After you learn to ride correctly while seated, try riding in a standing position. Steadily you'll learn numerous tricks like soaking up the shocks from the bumps.

Prepare to be hurt

Another all important tip - is do not be scared of being hurt. As you keep practicing, you'll inevitably fall and get hurt a number of times before you master the basics. So you need to keep yourself mentally and physically prepared to face the falls. Even the best riders in the motocross circuit have had to suffer many falls, so don't let that deter you from being the rider you wish to be. Leading a powerful and active approach to life will make it easier for you to endure minor injuries.

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