Having Fun with Automated Boating

By Nia Lawrence

Sailing has become one of the best recreational activities and hobbies all around the world. One could actually do a lot when it comes to sailing. He or she could go on the hunt for fishes, swim in other parts of the sea such as distant island lagoons that offer pristine waters, or just enjoy the smell of the sea while navigating his or her own ship. No matter the reason, sailing is just about for anyone who loves the sea. And for that, we need boats and not just any boats; we need automated boats. Automated boats are regular boats, only that they have the latest in boating technology such as chart plotters and autopilots, which incorporate measuring instruments such as the Raymarine ST70.

Chart plotters are devices that are primarily used to plot the exact location of your boat or ship with respect to a given map. This is usually done by using one or two GPS systems. Such device is extremely important to navigation as it tells you your exact location at that particular time. Knowing your location while at sea is a matter of life and death as you could easily get lost with the vastness of the world's oceans.

With our fast-paced lives, automation is probably the best way to make sailing a lot easier. We should be able to take our boats wherever we want to with accuracy and convenience, thanks to these systems. Fortunately, they're programmed to be very user-friendly, to the extent that children can understand them. A chart plotter, for example, is outfitted with a GPS navigator that will be able to point your location and the direction to which you're going. Raymarine's take on chart plotters have Raymarine AIS that will not only tell your location, but also of the location of other sea vessels near you. Chart plotter comes with an interactive screen with which you will see where you are. Other than that, you can synchronize it with a sonar device and display detected fishes on the screen as well.

Chart plotters are extremely important, especially for those who do not know the basics of sailing and only rely on global positioning systems. If you happen to be looking for the device that can answer your navigation needs, then you absolutely need to check out Raymarine chartplotters. Raymarine is one of the best, if not exactly the best, in this industry. But aside from chart plotters, autopilot systems have also become the trend in boating these days. And that is brought about by the simple reason that there are times when we wish to relax and would just love to get our hands off that steering wheel. Autopilots come in handy in that situation, because you can literally go to sleep without worrying much about your course. It's also perfect for long sea voyages and sightseeing ventures. If you wish to install an autopilot system for your boat then it would please you to know that there are already wireless versions of such system. This feature could save you valuable installation time as well as money. Autopilots are also equipped with speed, wind, depth, and direction indicators such as the Raymarine ST40, which aids you in confirming whether you're still on course.

Imagine yourself sailing the seas but with the relative comfort of just sitting, relaxing, sipping a brew, and enjoying to the max. These comforts could be considered as luxury, but they're really not like that. Innovations in navigation technology have transformed what used to be a cumbersome hobby into something as fun as automated boating.

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