The History Of Copper Alloys

By Justine Morgan

The time of the improvement of copper alloys such as copper aluminium and copper nickel marked an essential event in marine engineering, since they were deemed as notable technological advances that opened the doors to new applications and possibilities in the field of marine engineering. Let us first look at how copper turned out to be one of the most universally used metals in this modern age.

Not long after man found out about the riches that the earth had to offer, he began to excavate copper and utilized the metal in many of his most basic equipment. The reason being that copper had a lot of traits which made it and its alloys as ideal metals to produce a selection of devices and crafts.

Copper has an attribute which makes it a extraordinary kind of metal, and it is its excellent malleability. This trait permitted early craftsmen and blacksmiths to get creative when they shaped and hammered copper into any form that they saw fit. With copper, they fashioned an assortment of weapons and shields for early warriors, formed basic devices for day-to-day life, and produced works of art that will endure the test of time.

One of the traits that make copper such a useful metal is its capability to literally survive the test brought about by many elements of time. It is able to hold wear and tear at bay, and remain unaffected by elements leading to corrosion. A true testament to copper's resistance are the a range of copper made artifacts that were found intact and in good form even after spending hundreds of years buried in sites of early civilizations. This is probably why copper, particularly its alloy, bronze, was so popular during those early days that one stage in human civilization was named as the Bronze Age.

As man moved into the modern ages, the advancements in technology opened new potentials for the uses of copper alloys, particularly in marine engineering. This is because of this special metal's ability to resist corrosion by salt water, a quality that is of the greatest importance in the marine manufacturing industry. From fossil fuel rigs, to watercrafts, to marine pipes, the application possibilities for copper alloys are endless.

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