How An Exhaust Header Can Improve Your Car's Fuel Mileage

By Dorothea Bak

If you were to mention to someone that most performance automotive parts can conserve fuel while producing more power, likely you would not be believed. In previous generations this statement would probably have held true, but today -- due to technological advances -- you can usually see an increase in power along with the added benefit of receiving a slight increase in fuel economy. This holds true for exhaust headers, the topic of this article.

Exhaust headers are one of the simplest add on accessories you can utilize to enhance your engine's performance. Headers make it easier for the engine to drive exhaust gases out of the cylinders and to purge the manifold's back pressure. Instead of a shared manifold that all of the cylinders use, each cylinder has its own exhaust pipe. The result? More power for your car and less fuel expended as the headers harness what was previously wasted power and turns it back into raw energy.

Selecting a header for your car basically comes down to two choices: stock headers and performance headers. With a stock header you come out ahead on price and with a performance header you win on power. Essentially, a performance header takes off where the stock header leaves off by providing an individual runner, or pipe, for each cylinder. In addition, exhaust backpressure is reduced, and air flows more easily out of your engine. Thus, you pay more for a performance header but you get what you really want: more power for your wheels.

So, who sells headers? Fortunately, the number of manufacturers producing excellent quality performance headers is on the rise. More competition means a better selection and lower prices.

Some of the top manufacturers are:

- Apexi Headers

- BBK Headers

- Borla Headers

- DC Headers

- Dynomax Headers

- Edelbrock Headers

- FlowTech Headers

- Gibson Headers

- Hedman Headers

- JBA Headers

- Pacesetter Headers

When it comes to purchasing headers, prices are all over the place. Shop around and compare price, service, and selection, between online wholesalers to uncover who is in the best position to deliver to you the highest quality parts for the lowest prices.

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