How To Stitch Your Biker Patches On The Right Way

By Lawrance Sparky

Although most of today's modern biker patches come with a heat-sensitive adhesive backing, there are still times when stitching patches is more appropriate. One example is when you want to apply a patch to a leather item of clothing. So how can you stitch these patches on properly so that they look great for longer? According to the experts there are several things you can do for a high-quality stitching job.

One thing that is not recommended in relation to sewing patches on is to use a sewing machine. Although it is really handy to use a sewing machine because of how quick and convenient it is, it is also very tricky to keep the patch in place while you are sewing so you should not do this unless you are an expert with sewing patches onto things.

If the material that you will be sewing on to is nylon, vinyl or leather then this is especially true. If you ask the experts they will say that it is much better to use the old fashioned method of hand sewing instead.

Making sure the garment is as flat as possible for the entire time that you are sewing is also recommended; you should use a table while you are working. If the garment moves even a little bit it can throw off your sewing, possibly resulting in a slight bit of gathering somewhere near the edge of the patch. By keeping the garment as flat as possible the potential for gathering is greatly reduced.

The type of stitching that you use is very important. Most experts will recommend that you use the blanket stitch because it is this that will ensure that the patch stays secure all the way around. It is this stitch that will help to avoid curling edges. It is also is a fairly strong stitch which it should hold the patch in place forever, if done properly.

For those who are not very familiar with this blanket stitch, there are many videos on the internet where you can see how it is done.

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