Hydrogen Boosted Gas Engines For The Automobile Of The Future

By Briana Moench

Gas prices keep going up, and that means automakers are having to work extra time to find ways to make their cars more fuel-efficient. While they're carrying this out, they also have to continue meeting all of the strict emissions standards that are necessary for the gasoline engine. Adding hydrogen into the fuel/air mixture is one hopeful possibility of improving gas engine mileage.

Due to the unavailability of hydrogen at community filling stations, there hasn't been a hydrogen boosted gas engine. Since including hydrogen could be the ideal way for better fuel performance, that may soon be changing. Hydrogen improved fuel engines are beneficial because of the low amounts of NOX emission gas. For that reason, requirements for controlling external NOX emissions might be done away with. A major cost difficulty for diesel engines is most likely the NOX emissions control, because they have to have expensive traps in order to meet the emission standards. Diesel engines release particulate by-products which are gathered with a filter that requires routine replacement.

The advantage of the hydrogen increased engines is that they do not need either particulate or NOX control. With just an inexpensive oxidation catalyst, the engine is able to control the quantity of exhaust that is released while the car is starting and warming up. The engine has the ability to just use the clean hydrogen enriched charge when starting up cold, and this is when almost all of the emissions are generated during an emissions test, and that is why additional cuts can be made in emissions control requirements.

With the new technology, a present engine compartment can have a reformer added, basically giving the car a hydrogen boost system. System developers point out that the addition of diesel actually costs much more. With their considerable space for a reformer and its associated system, sport utility vehicles are serving as testing grounds for prototype hydrogen boosted engines. Prior to the system truly being more completely developed, further assessment has to be done with regard to performance, durability, and reliability. The main subjects for this technology will most likely be four-cylinder gasoline engines. Economy auto producers who hope to be at the cutting edge with the best fuel efficiency will have to compete hard in order to succeed.

Using hydrogen boosted gas engines, drivers don't have to worry so much about increasing gas prices simply because engines will enable them to drive further on each gallon of gas. You will have the option to save on gas with a hydrogen boosted unit, instead of having to go out and buy a diesel vehicle. The hydrogen boost technique may effectively resolve the energy dilemma our world faces.

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