Hydrogen Improved Gas Engines For The Car Of The Future

By Jeffery Silkcat

Gasoline rates keep going up, and that means Ford Fiesta automakers are having to work extra time to find ways to make their cars more fuel-efficient. Meanwhile, they are unable to neglect tough emission standards that are currently in place for gasoline engines. Incorporating hydrogen into the fuel/air mixture is one hopeful possibility of improving gas engine mileage.

Due to the unavailability of hydrogen at community used caravan & filling stations, there hasn't been a hydrogen boosted gasoline engine. Considering that including hydrogen could be the ideal way for better fuel efficiency, that may soon be changing. Hydrogen improved fuel engines are beneficial as a result of low amounts of NOX emission gas. As a result, requirements for controlling external NOX emissions might be done away with. NOX by-products management results in a huge money issue for diesel engines as they require costly traps to help them comply with current emissions standards. The particulate emissions coming from the diesel engines need to be collected by a filter, that has to be changed every now and then.

The advantage of the hydrogen boosted engines is that they don't need either particulate or NOX control. To manage the limited particles of exhaust that are created during the car's warm up time simply requires an inexpensive oxidation catalyst. Once the engine starts cold, there is the possibility of only using a clean hydrogen enriched charge; therefore, even more cuts can be made in emissions control requirements as emissions tests are usually done during this warm up period.

This most recent technology enables a reformer to be added to a pre-existing engine compartment which, in effect, provides the car with a hydrogen boost system. According to system developers, this is considerably less expensive than adding diesel. Sport utility vehicles are currently being used to examine prototype hydrogen boosted engines as they are large enough to house the reformer system. Prior to the system truly being more completely developed, further testing has to be done with regard to performance, durability, and reliability. This technology will likely be focused toward four-cylinder gasoline engines. Economy car manufacturers who hope to be at the cutting edge with the best fuel efficiency will have to compete hard in order to succeed.

Using hydrogen boosted gas engines, drivers don't have to worry so much about increasing gas prices simply because engines will enable them to drive further on each gallon of gas. You are going to be able to save on gas with a hydrogen boosted unit, rather than having to go out and buy a diesel vehicle. When considering long lasting solutions, the hydrogen boost system may provide one of the best answers to the world's energy problems.

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