Learning Fiberglass And Gelcoat Application Guidelines

By Mike Schmille

A gelcoat is sprayed using a spreval spray, after which a disposable container is used after the gelcoat has been reduced and activated. This way, you will be able to have spray that is consistent and heavier.There are special tip to remember when applying the gel coat but you just have to follow the instructions given with the same mixture using an automotive spray gun. A gel coat is thinned using the material gravity feed spray gun even though it will leave an orange peel appearance.

A good quality spray is achieved once you apply the gel coat using the suction feed spray gun since it will release solvents around 60 lb for the reason that gel coat is atomized. Having a heavier coat, it will leave more micro pin holes and a good quality effect will be the result once a suction feed spray gun will be used.

You should never expose the gel coat when spraying to the heat of the sun because it will leave a dry and poor quality product.

Be sure you prime the gel coat first before spraying to avoid blisters by covering the pin holes of the boat deck or hull, you also need to have 4 coatings at waterline, 3 for the water barrier and 2 for the rest of the vessel. You can choose between these primers; the duratech and the polyester primer but some advised that this polyester primer may be too brittle that makes the primer easily drop.

When surfacing is done to the boat deck or hull it's never suggested that an auto primers for gel coat is used; spraying at least 5 coats can be.In doing a gel coat repair, one has to make sure that before spraying the areas it should be sanded first to be certain that it does not go beyond areas that are unsanded.To make sure that your product does not create waves, always think that a tape should never be used since it will only put a marked of build up over spray into the top of the tape. It's very common that over spray happened after using gell coat, but a good way to remove this spills is to use a polisher to get rid of fine sprays that reached the unsanded surface.

Observe a distance of 1-2 feet when spraying with a clear gelcoat on top of the its true colors like red, blue, green and so on to give a bigger blend of colors..

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