Living On A Boat For Practical Purposes

By Steve Peterson

Do you like boats so much enough to make it your residence? Perhaps you are one of those kids in the past who have fantasized about being a sailor. But in reality, there are advantages to owning a residence in floating on the surface of the deep water.

Nowadays, a primary residence boat is famously called as "liveaboards". Some boats are built while others are bought yet the any boat owners know it is cheaper than a fully mortgaged house and lot in suburbs. Another aspect to forget is the electricity and water bills.

The real benefit of living in a boat is that a resident has a great deal of freedom compared to his or her landlubber neighbors. Yet hand-in-hand with that freedom is the greater sense of responsibility, discipline and skill it entails. A boat resident must be a skillful sailor and maintenance person and he or she would have to worry accidental capsizing and scuttling on top getting torched.

People can incorporate marine-based careers while they are on a residential sailboat. Depending on the size of the lounge and guest cabin, the residential pilot/captain can use his or her residence as a temporary domicile for tourist scuba divers. Tourism is how liveaboard residents make a lucrative living while anchored in a marina, waiting for the approach of good-paying fellow adventurers on the jetty.

A resident of a liveaboard can sail to any destination provided that the radar and the radio antenna are working well. Even in private leisurely cruises, there are chances of encountering uncharted drifters floating at the open sea and destined to be rescued. Sometimes liveaboard residents are graced with an alternative career assisting the coast guards, if they were awarded with recommendations.

The leverage for having this type of residence is that you can have a luxury of changing the outdoor scene. It is impossible for a land resident living in the suburbs or the apartment to bring their interiors away from their immediate environment. But resident pilot can move out overnight whenever he or she prefers a new coastal view, say for example, from tall buildings landscape to a rural tropical island.

Not having to pay for electricity and water bills means not getting the liberal flow of these utility resources from the city administration. The boat resident's supply of power and fresh water will have to be foraged from generators and the good old massive oak barrels. This is not generally regarded as a dire inconvenience for people who prefer living on the middle of the open sea since it generally appeals to their free-spirited nature.

Living in a boat is not a bad idea and actually a great lifestyle if one is either buoyant or not seasick. The main idea behind the liveaboard lifestyle is to be one with the waters. Although such life is exciting, it simply would not do for landlubbers who are not connected to the marine environment.

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