Memphis Auto Glass Specialists Provide Reasonable Prices On Replacement Glass

By Pete Starly

Auto glass is the layer glass that is contained in the windows of your motor vehicle. This glass is designed to provide safety in the case of an accident along with keeping you dry in the rain. The windshield is the most important piece of glass on a vehicle, not only does it protect you from road debris that may be kicked up from the tire a vehicle in front of you but it is also intended to provide you with safety in the case of an accident. When this glass needs to be repaired you should contact an expert among the many different Memphis windshield repair specialists.

It is a good idea to have a general understanding of glass that is used on your car should you ever need to replace it. The glass in your windows is not all the same; in fact the glass that is used for the front window, also known as the windshield is different than the glass used on the rest of the car. The front glass is known as laminated safety glass, while the side and rear windows use a tempered glass.

The windshield actually comprises of two different pieces of glass that joined together. These two pieces of glass contain a center layer of vinyl. These three layers are joined together through a heat process in a special kind of oven.

The tempered glass in the side windows of your car is not as durable or protective as the front glass, but is still tougher than standard glass. If you have ever seen a side or rear window of a car get broken then you realize that it shatters into tiny little pieces. What you may not have realized is that these glass pieces are not sharp. In fact this glass can be picked up without cutting you.

The safety glass in the window is designed differently than the tempered glass. It would not suffice for the glass in the windshield to shatter the way that the tempered glass does. Therefore there has been safety procedures incorporated into this glass that keeps it from shattering when it takes an impact.

The integrity of the safety glass in the windshield is important. If this glass is cracked or chipped it is a better idea to replace it than to repair it. The Memphis auto glass experts at your neighborhood glass company can provide you with high quality safety glass. Many of these companies have been replacing glass for years and have the expertise to replace your glass in a short period of time.

You may also want to consult your auto insurance company before you hire a Memphis auto glass specialist. In many cases an auto insurance policy may have a provision that pertains to auto glass. In most cases the insurance company will cover part if not all of the costs of replacing the glass.

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