The Need For Protection When It Comes To The Club Patch

By Jeremy Caxton

One question that a lot of people often ask is why motorcycle club patches are not sold at retail level be patch dealers like The Cheap Place. This is a great question when you think about the fact that there are quite a few motorcyclists who don't know too much about these clubs. However, if you were a member of a motorcycle club then you would probably find it very insulting if any old person could just go out and buy your club's patch.

The club patch is also known as the "colors" among many motorcycle clubs. Motorcycle clubs want their colors to be worn only by those who are members of the club. And most of these clubs have particular rules in place as to the kind of behavior that they find acceptable by those wearing the colors. For instance, if a motorcycle club was in support of recovering alcoholics, they would find it unacceptable for their members to be drinking alcohol while wearing the colors.

Club Patches and How They are Earned

While the rules governing individual motorcycle clubs vary from one to the next, most have some sort of process a new member must go through in order to earn his club patch. This could be just attending all club meetings and taking part in various activities for a certain amount of time. Other clubs will require new members to perform certain tasks. A provisional member may be allowed to wear a similar looking patch until he or she completes the requirements for full membership.

The reason retail patch dealers do not sell motorcycle clubs is because it would mean that nobody would ever have to earn their clubs patch because they could simply go out and buy it. That is why motorcycle club members would find this insulting because it would mean that becoming a member of a motorcycle club would have no real value. Even if you don't really know too much about motorcycle clubs, one thing you should be aware of is the fact that they are very serious about their club and their membership to it. If colors could be purchased rather than earned, that would inevitably water down the bond of loyalty.

Returning the Club Patch

What becomes of club patches when an individual leaves the club is something that the club determines by its rules. Almost every club requires members to return his or her patch if they are being dismissed for any reason which leaves them no longer in good standing. The reason for doing this is so that the reputation of the club is protected.

In some cases, the member will be allowed to keep their patch as a souvenir if they have been with the club for a long time. One particular club allows members who have faithfully served for 10 years or more to keep their colors should they ever decide to leave the club. These individuals are requested to keep the patch at home and not wear it publicly.

When it comes to protecting club patches, there is much more to it than mentioned here. If you want to learn more about this topic then you will be able to find quite a bit of information online.

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