Pollution-Free Vehicles Would Make Our Lifestyles A Lot Better

By Brad Perry

For those who grow up in a place similar to Montana, you might not fully grasp all of the commotion about air pollution. It is different when you are located in a metropolitan area, where you can see the air, and it is hard to even take a deep breath. Air pollution is rife around the world, and even regions that don't generate their own get it blown in from elsewhere.

The atmosphere is full of things that are bad for people, including carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrates, lead, ozone, secondhand tobacco smoke and particulate matter. Particulate matter comes in numerous different forms, including vehicle emissions, road dust, power generation, and many kinds of industrial pollution. Plus anything else that fouls the air, actually, just like volcanoes, pollen's, forest fires, mold and a lot more. These kinds of particles come in various sizes, composition and origin, and one of the biggest components is automotive emissions. Roads crowded with vehicles are the cause of the deteriorating world-wide air pollution situation, and of course the biggest cities are the worst culprits.

One of the big components of air pollution is carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless gas, which is highly poisonous. It is due to cigarette smoke, as well as the combustion reaction in all gasoline run vehicles. In the worst case you could possibly die, but given that it lowers the level of oxygen it always damages the body. The respiratory tract can become infected through the ingestion of carbon monoxide, even if in only small levels over many years. Unquestionably the breathing of carbon monoxide is the reason for much of the world's ill health. There are many scientific studies demonstrating how negative the effects are with air pollutants, especially from cars, but also factories.

Many experts have shown that the presence of the different pollutants differs between cities. A study over 5 years with 5,000 adult participants determined that exposure to air pollutants caused by traffic lead to a higher mortality rate. Fatality as a result of cardiovascular diseases for instance heart attacks occur more frequently amongst those who live in close proximity to a busy road. The life expectancy of men and women living in the worst-polluted cities of the US will be decreased by 2 to 3 years, directly as a result of the pollution carried in the air. The judgment of scientists is that a cardiovascular event, resulting in death, will happen to people even if they only have short-term exposure to particle pollution at enhanced levels.

Areas with higher concentrations of particle pollution have greater numbers of hospital admissions due to pulmonary and cardiovascular conditions. Life expectancy will be reduced by several years due to living in places where the particle pollution is elevated. When these facts are analyzed, the future for the people in America is pretty grim, unless things are changed. More efficient regulation involving the pollutants emanating from vehicles is necessary if we want future generations to enjoy a healthier environment than us.

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