Protecting Your Motorcycle In The Winter

By Amanda Weil

Even if you've been able to enjoy the open roads on your motorcycle you will likely have to store it once winter hits. Having access to a garage or storage facility is one of the best ways to protect your motorcycle, but even if you do that you will still want to use motorcycle covers to protect it. A premium waterproof motorcycle cover, one that is not only waterproof but breathable and fleece lined will protect the finish. As with any purchase, you can buy an inexpensive cover, but you might want to buy one that offers superior protection and cover for your motorcycle.

If you don't have a garage for your motorcycle is it even more critical to utilize a high quality, premium motorcycle cover. Using a storage facility is one of the best ways to protect your bike but even if you do that you will still need to use motorcycle covers to keep the bike's seat, paint job, and electronic components safe from the elements.

Motorcycle covers today come in many styles and materials, but to truly protect your bike you will need to buy one that not only is waterproof but one that offers protection from the sun's UV rays. Look for a motorcycle cover that comes with elastic seams and has straps and tie-down buckles to keep it attached securely to the bike in the event of high winds. Purchase a cover that fits your motorcycle snugly and remember, you want to use a bike cover year round - not just when your motorcycle is in storage for the winter.

Using a motorcycle cover year-round is not only something you should become accustomed to doing in the winter but a practice you should be doing when you go on long road treks. You can store the cover in a bike pouch for a road trip and use it once the travels of the day are over.

Investing in motorcycle covers when you buy your bike is a great idea. Make certain the cover remains in place throughout the season and go out and check on it periodically to ascertain that the cover is doing its job. Your cover should be protecting your bike from the elements and that no rodents or bugs have crawled up underneath it.

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