Stop Speeding Tickets With the Beltronics RX 65

By Dave Lashier

Radar Detector Reviews discovered this device through a recommendation from a friend who travels cross country several times a year - by car! The Beltronics RX65 RED Professional Series Radar is an extreme sensitivity detector of Radar and Laser bands with over 10 times the range of most other detectors.

Some the technical items to consider are somewhat above our undersatnding level as non-developers of such an item; but, we certainly appreciate all that went into the device and its ability to perform at the highest levels to help with not getting speeding tickets! The RX65 also uses an advance tuned antenna to detect new digital X, K, KA radar guns, with 360 degree protection. It also has the immunity to the VG-2 radar detector detection by using a new technology called Shadow Technology, which will not allow local law enforcement to detect it when the radar is in use.

While the features of the device are somewhat required in order for it to perform it can be said this unit still remains easy to use and operate despite its advanced technology! This fact alone makes it worth a second look! Another positive feature is the ability to customize the radar to your preferences and also had the ability to display safety signals and alerts. The alerts would tell the driver if there is a construction ahead or an accident on the road ahead of you. As far as the customization, users loved the ability to eliminate bands that you don't want detected, disabling the auto muting, turning on the multiple-threat mode. Several people also noted that the automatic muting was a great feature as it gives you the ability to keep the detector on full volume. It will beep a few times and then automatically reduce the volume to a lower comfortable level.

As with all products and services this Beltronics detector has some negative issues worth reviewing. While one of the better detectors on the market the positive reviews far out number the negative reviews when researched online. Though the Beltronics RX65 RED Professional Series Radar has many positive reviews, there are a couple of negative aspects to the radar. The number one compliant was the price for the detector, as it is one of the highest ones on the market. Though if you want the best protection, then it comes at a cost. Another issue that seems to happen a lot is the sensitivity on the Laser band, as it seems to easily go off in the band. Something else worth considering before a purchase is made.

Overall the Beltronics RX65 RED Professional Series Radar is a great radar detector with many options and features that will provide a driver with a full arsenal of information. From the full X/K/Ka/Laser bands detection to the customizable features that allow you to tailor the detector to your driving style. Even though it is has a few minor bugs with the system, the overall performance outweighs the minimal flaws with the detector. This unit is a must buy, you won't be disappointed.

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