Texas Lemon Law: In Brief

By Seomul Evans

Every state in the United States has its own version of the 'Lemon Law'. Though the general intent remains the same, still each state offers a slightly different version of the law in order to cater to the needs of its consumers. The state of Texas is one, and the 'Lone Star' state has a compendium of rules and regulations that govern 'lemons' and underperforming vehicles. The set of laws and rules used by the state of Texas allows for consumers to get a form of 'payback' if they experience repeated repair problems with their newly purchased vehicle. The law also covers the situation where the consumer has purchased and has leased the vehicle from the licensed lease company or dealer in the state. And with the help of the 'Lemon Law', consumers can get it repurchased, repaired or replaced.

Definition of a covered motor vehicle

It should be noted that the coverage for all states is generally the same. For the sake of discussion, the following are the definitions for the covered motor vehicle as used under the 'Texas Lemon Law':

* Under the Texas law, all self-propelled vehicles with at least two wheels and used for transporting people and property on public highway are covered.
* The law also covers the self-propelled and titled vehicles with at least two wheels and used in transporting persons and properties in the off-road.
* The Texas law on 'lemons' also cover any engine, transmission or rear axle whether these are attached or not to the chassis of the vehicle which are made for installation in the vehicles and its primary use is to transport persons and properties, and such vehicles register a weight rating of more than 16,000 lbs.

* And additionally, the law calls for the coverage of any towable recreational vehicle.

There is this common idea that only new vehicles are covered by the law in Texas. This is not the case since the law calls for the coverage of used vehicles as well. There is a qualification though that should be checked by consumers when thinking of filing a case. The law in Texas will only cover the used vehicle if this is still covered by the original warranty of the manufacturer and this is not under the extended service contract. Also, it should be noted that the used vehicle may be covered provided that the problem showed by the vehicle started while under warranty and that this problem continues to exist even after the warranty has lapsed.

Vehicle manufacturers participating in Texas

Now not all vehicle manufacturers are participating in the 'Lemon Law' of Texas. There is a list of selected car manufacturers that every consumer must know. The list includes Japan-based manufacturers like Honda and Acura. Consumers can also count on South Korean makers like Hyundai and Kia. And of course, American-based brands like Ford and GMC are participating as well. Other brands to count on when it comes to getting your money's worth off a lemon include AM General, Audi, Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, Indian Motorcycle, Infiniti, Mercury and Mazda. For a complete listing of vehicle manufacturers participating in the program, the consumers can always access website of Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. The site can also serve as a good resource when learning more about 'lemons' and what to do about these in Texas.

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