Used Equipment Sales

By Debrah Langston

Today, if you look in the yard of almost any industrial business, you'll see a forklift. In the shipping industry, the forklift has been de rigueur for half a century but, over that time, it has penetrated almost every other industry as well. There are many advantages to having a forklift, but there are four primary benefits.

For first time buyers, it's often a good idea to rent a machine for a while before even looking to buy a machine. Rentals of widely used machine types can go for a thousand bucks a month. This cost may seem fairly high. But even at these rates, the machine is substantially less expensive than an additional employee. What's more, renting a machine and using it steadily for a month or several months will give the buyer a great chance to assess how useful different features are to your business, and if they're worth the cost. That will save buyers money in the long run.

While many smaller businesses can benefit from a low-cost used machine, it's important to shop carefully, since that machine will represent a much larger relative investment than for a large company. Since many small companies do not have significant experience with machines, finding a reputable dealer to maintain service is critical. It's also important to protect yourself from the insurance hazards of accidents during machine servicing - make sure your dealer has appropriate coverage to protect its people.

Used forklift prices depend on both the age of the machine and the operational hours. Unlike most vehicles, fork lift usage is measured in hours, not miles. This is a more accurate measurement, since most forklifts spend much of their operational time lifting instead of moving. Typically, a refurbished used machine with 2000-4000 hours will cost about one-half to two-thirds the price of a roughly equivalent new machine.

In general, the scope of the benefits of having a forklift on site, combined with the widespread adoption of large, leased fleets, has created a vibrant market in used and reconditioned machines. Corporate fleets are often returned at the end of the lease for newer machines, regardless of the wear on existing machines, which can be highly variable.

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