Which Sailing Course London Is The Best?

By Foster Ehrhart

Going sailing is an amazing experience as you can see lovely scenery and also get away from the stress of the city. It can be difficult to get into sailing in London if you don't already know someone that can introduce you to it.

However you can still learn to sail London even if you don't have a boat. The first thing to do is to find a sailing course London so that you can learn the basics and have a foundation of sailing knowledge.

RYA courses London are provided at many sailing schools and clubs so it is worth calling a few. Sailing courses London are often expensive but it's money well spent if you intend to sail in the future. The best course to start off with is called the competent crew course which takes you through all the basics from steering and sail positioning to the navigation and emergency protocols.

However for those people living in London it is more useful to probably go for the day skipper qualification. This course is called the RYA Day Skipper and you need to do a Day Skipper theory London course and then a Day Skipper practical course - so you will learn a lot more on a Day Skipper course. Although the theory course is held in London, if you live outside of London then you can always ask to do distance learning to save you traveling in each day.

Many people take for granted the skills needed for sailing and get too caught up in the prestige of the sailing image. Safety should always be first priority and to do this via RYA courses London. You also need to consider the safety of other boaters as if you do not know what you are doing then you could be a danger to other people.

Some people probably see this part of sailing as the boring side as it is not very much fun. However, knowing the rules of the waterways and the distress calls will make you more capable to handle things correctly in an emergency situation.

Learning through the day skipper theory London is just the start as you then will get to put these things into practice on the practical part of the course which will help the distress calls, navigation and collision protocols to stick in your head. Knowing all this stuff means that if you were in a difficult situation you will be able to save yourself and your crew from harm and hopefully your boat as well.

Not only will you learn all the skills through doing an RYA day skipper course, but you will also have a great time and meet new people who also like sailing. This means you may be able to establish contacts with people who are looking for crew on their boat at the weekends or just have days out.

Once you have finished your course it may also be a good idea to join a sailing club as there will be more contacts to be made there and to ensure that you don't forget everything that you have learnt through the sailing course London.

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