Who do you ring for Electrical Auto repairs - An Auto Electrician of course

By Andrew Atkins

Today all the electrical auto parts are customarily directly intertwined with the computer system. When the electrical system has a failure, the first place you need to look is the battery. When you are satisfied that the battery isn't to blame you should move on to the alternator. The alternator works with the battery by making electricity to help the battery keep a storage charge. It helps to run the electric system, all the accessories like the engine control systems and the ignition. This belt-driven device turns from the engine and it produces an AC or AC electric current. This current is internally converted to 12 volts of DC or direct current by the employment of rectifiers or the diode bridge.

Long ago vehicles used generators to produce electricity because AC current can not be stored. The alternators produces the AC then converts it to DC a load more efficiently. Alternators today maintain the right system voltage with an internal voltage regulator. Alternators don't constantly produce electricity. It works enough to maintain the voltage of the electrical auto system with the battery as a buffer. The alternator goes on and off dependent on the existing demand. The alternator actually runs a charge about 1/2 the time the engine is on. Today's cars stress the electric system because of the extra demands brought on by high powered stereos, headlights, running lights, back window defogger, and so on. "Cigarette lighters" pull more for PCs, cell phones, mp3 players and such.

Today's extremely complicated automobiles which are intricately hooked up to a P. C. will tell if there are any electrical auto goes wrong by way of an alert light in the instrument panel, including when the alternator flashes on. This light is often known as the moron light, because you don't know for sure if it is actually the alternator or the wiring or the bulb or the fuse. How it works is this: the action of the electric current that passes thru the alert light filament causes the charging of the alternator. Occasionally this caution light should be checked. It is simple to do by turning the key to light up the instrument panel, but not turn over the engine. When the alternator light is lit, the wiring is okay but the alternator must be checked. If the light doesn't illuminate, then either the wiring or the bulb is defective.

Often it is not the alternator that's causing electrical auto malfunctions, it may be the fuses. Fuses controls a lot of the electric system and are a inexpensive fix. Fuses can be labeled with different tags like charging, engine, gauges, meters or regulator. The moron light may come on and stay on if it is a fuse. Some makers vehicles are opposite, and the light won't come on at all when the check system is performed by the turn of the key.

It may be smart to check fuses first then there's an electrical auto malfunction, since replacing a fuse is the cheapest and simplest fix to do on a vehicle. Go from this point in checking the battery and alternator, etc.

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