Wooden Boat Building Courses

By Martin Reid

Courses on building wooden boats are offered from a variety of schools around the world. These courses are designed to teach the student on the setup, building and outfitting of a variety of boats. These courses will also help the student to know how to rebuild and repair any older boat.

The length of the course depends on what the student is looking for. The longer courses are targeted at the students who want to learn to build to professional standards while the shorter courses target specific skills. Both types of classes are usually designed to provide practical experience over standard classroom training, although you can find standard training.

Obviously, the longer courses which teach to professional standards are going to cost more but in turn will provide you with more of a chance to get an employment opportunity after you complete the course. The shorter classes are more designed at particular skills so for specialization or for somebody who wants to augment what they already know.

One big advantage for these courses is they tend to be small classes allowing for more direct instruction and ensuring the students learn what is being taught. Providing those that are looking for employment afterwards the security of knowing they learned their trade while going to class. The smaller classes allow a more hands on approach so the students are truly learning how to build at the same time they are learning the whys of building it this way.

These courses can lead to a variety of jobs in the boating industry, since they provide the student with an understanding of the processes involved in the building of a boat. These processes cover the technology relating to the crafting and the science involved in boat building. Include the use of a variety of materials and construction methods. Some have evolved their construction into an art form and can make a lot of money on custom designed boats for any buyers.

Everything from the tools used in building a boat to the joinery methods used to help maintain tight seals. Maintenance methods are also taught so that when they refurbish a boat they understand what may have caused it to deteriorate so much and how to prevent it in the future.

Regardless of whether you go to learn a trade or go for your own pleasure it is likely you will be back to learn from the same institution. After all you will be comfortable with their style of instruction and have firsthand knowledge of the instructors and how they are in class.

When looking for a course that teaches you to build a boat, make sure you do your research on the schools, their classes and future employment opportunities. Use the Internet to help you in your research. With so many classes available for all types of instruction you want to make sure you take the course that will most benefit you, whether it is for professional reasons or for your own pleasure.

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