3 Wheelers Hits the Streets

By Hector L Bradenson

You may not have heard of them but the Morgan Motor Company is England's largest automaker. The company, formed in 1910 by Anglican minister, still operates out of the red brick buildings they built in 1918. Now they reached back into their early roots to create a new 3 wheeler model, they like of which haven't been seen in years.

Morgan knows all about three wheelers, as they began experimenting with them back in their early days. In fact, know for a light weight and strong grip, they did well in many early races. However, Morgan learned a painful lesson along the way. Mainly, that three wheeled vehicles with one wheel in the front tend to flip over on tight turns. So they got a little creative and put two wheels in front and one in the back. The result is a very good, road gripping, performance three wheeler the likes of which have not been made by Morgan since 1952. If you are looking for a great deal on used car try used cars Massachusetts for a price you will love.

Use caution win driving it though, there is no roof, a very small windshield and open sides. It is highly recommended you wear goggles and a helmet to keep the insects off your face. Still it packs some punch, weighing just over 1,000 pounds it can reach 60 in about 4.5 seconds and maxes out at 115. It is listed at having around 35 mpg and is priced around $45,000, not bad all things considered. If you are looking for a great deal on used car try used car dealers in Michigan for a price you will love.

Due to heavy U.S. regulations many great European cars aren't able to make it over here, however, this little gem will be available next spring. The three wheel design gives it a motorcycle classification and due to this it is exempt from the federal automotive emissions and safety standards. While we don't know if this is good for the rest of us drivers, it is great for automotive enthusiast who wants drive one of these rarities.

It was designed with a retro, pre-world war two, classic look and feel. It has an exposed, forward engine with two slender, nineteen-inch wheels with cycle fenders. It sports a two liter, V-twin engine that cranks out 120hp, and also has the famous Mazda five-speed manual transmission.

Okay you are probably wondering what the downside of this thing, because all vehicles have one. It is called noise, and there is a lot of it. Modern muffling technology does exist, but it would seem Morgan went out of their way to exclude it. This thing is loud, absurdly so, but then again, you do want everyone within 5 blocks to notice your new set of wheels right?

That being said, get ready for some fun because this thing brings the heat. The countryside will rush by in a blur as you speed down the road in your make shift motorcycle. Everyone you pass will stare not only at how unique it is but how elegant and sleek it is. Morgan's typical love for bumpy rides is not present at all in this baby as it boasts an independent front suspension that renders road bumps obsolete.

So just when you thought you had seen it all, think again. Morgan created a work of art. They should sell like hot cakes in the United States, after all, the first run of 500 are already sold out in Europe.

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