Ambition-Driven Plans

By Na Manoi

Mercedes has always been known for its luxury image. When the SUVs started to arrive, many drivers were confused. Later, Mercedes wanted to produce the family station wagon? Today, a new wrinkle in the story emerges. A new line of Mercedes compact concept cars is being rolled out to the public in an effort to capture the interest of first time car buyers in the U.S. Where once the classic E series was the dream of drivers everywhere, the image is being updated and Mercedes hopes their compact car line will be the new dream. What exactly is a compact car in the opinion of Mercedes? Let's take a look at some of their classes.

In 2010, Mercedes defined 13 classes of vehicles for sale in the U.S. market alone. What do they all mean? First, you will find between 1 and 3 letters followed sometimes by a number. The letters indicate 'class' while the number indicates engine size. For example, the 'E500' is an 'E' class with an engine size of roughly 5.00 liter engine. The 'C', 'E' and 'S' are all 4 door models with the 'C' being the smallest, the 'S' being the bigger, luxury version and the 'E' being mid-sized. The 'E' has coupe, station wagon, and convertible versions. The 'CLS' class is a kind of special, sporty 'E' class and the 'R' class includes models that are similar to SUVs, sedans and minivans. The 'G', 'GL', GLK' and 'M' are all off road and SUV style vehicles. The 'CL', 'SL', 'SLK' and 'SLS' are all sexy roadsters.

Then, there are the 'A' class and the 'B' class vehicles. The 'A' class began in 1997 with the introduction of a mini MPV (multi-purpose vehicle). This is considered an entry level vehicle in the North American market. The 'B' class debuted in March of 2005. This is slightly bigger than the 'A' class but shares the suspension system and engine. Something unique about the two classes is that they are front wheel drive. No other class of Mercedes shares this trait. Mercedes is calling the 'B' class a 'Compact Sports Tourer' and the 'A' class is an MPV. The 'B' class is built upon a foundation of the 'A' class. Many features are shared. The 'A' and 'B' class are both desirable vehicle classes and no doubt that insurance for them will be at an all-time high. It's one thing to purchase a high-class vehicle and its another thing to buy car insurance for it. If you want to put more money in your bank account, you should start hunting for deals on so that you can lower your monthly expenses. By reducing the amount you pay on car insurance, you can buy the things you always wanted.

There so many interesting features available in both models, it is fascinating. For example, the 'Driving Assistants' include a multi-function steering wheel so the driver doesn't have to remove hands from the wheel when using the radio, telephone and other systems. The 'Parktronic' assistant sounds out warning tones and flashes LEDs to let you know if you're getting close to the curb or other things that may be in your way. Safety features include airbags in the back seat sides and disc brakes on all four wheels. Another standard feature includes 'tunnel mode'. All windows and the panoramic sliding sunroof are closed.

These models have recently been upgraded and new designs have been released in 2011 with more changes for the U.S. and international markets in 2012. Because they have so many advanced features and modern safety designs with an entry-level price to boot, these cars are expected to make quite a splash on the market. Keep an eye out for these new compacts from Mercedes.

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