Building a Dodge Ram Running Board

By Akisha Hanks

Truck and jeep running boards are some of the most important aftermarket accessories it is possible to install on your vehicle. They present an extra step making alighting and entering the vehicle easier, particularly for children and elderly members of your family. Full-sized pickup trucks such as the Dodge Ram are highly elevated and might create a great stress on the back and legs when entering the vehicle. Apart from that, this height could also be hazardous as little children in addition to elderly people could slip and break their back or legs, especially during wintertime or wet season. It is made for this believe that running boards create a great investment for a truck and jeep accessory.

When you have a Dodge Ram, choosing amazed at how easy it is to put in Dodge Running Boards. You just have a few tools, this kind of as a socket set, drill and drill bit set, and a level to help you inside the installation of the running boards. To begin with, once you have the shipment to your running boards, you should inspect first if the package is complete. Check the documentation so you'll understand how many brackets, nuts, washers and bolts should come with the package. If the package is not complete, you can supply the local car accessory a call for them to replace the parts that are missing.

Additionally you must inspect your vehicle for factory-drilled holes within the truck frame so you'll know where you should mount the Dodge truck running boards. If you don't find any, you are able to drill holes in the truck frame, taking utmost care not to drill on the vital the different parts of the truck. Once you're done checking or drilling holes to the truck frame, you need to install the brackets. Place the brackets in the desired spot and bolt the bracket in position. Secure with a washer around the nut side and a bolt on the other hand. This makes sure that the bracket stays in position. You can even weld the brackets in position thus they are securely mounted on your truck's frame.

When the brackets are in place, mount the Dodge Ram running boards to the brackets. Using a ratchet, tighten the running boards set up, ensuring that there isn't any free play to avoid slipping and injuring yourself and your loved ones.

When you are done on sides, you have to test if the running boards are securely attached to your pickup truck. You can try stepping to them, hopping lightly as to make sure that they are securely placed on the pickup truck compartment outlines. If it feels wobbly, you can test tightening the bolts on both the brackets and the running boards again.

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