Can Quick Oil Change Service Stations Be Dependable?

By Eno Baah

A lot of people take their vehicle to these oil change providers as they don't know how to or don't have time to do it themselves. The concern is can these folks be depended on. I would recommend that you avoid these quick oil change places and find a legitimate auto mechanic instead and I'll explain why.

Every single car or truck features a basic maintenance plan and guidelines on what things should be done after so many miles. There can be routinely scheduled things like air filtration system or oil changes. Even so have you actually really looked through the book on your car? I can practically guarantee that when you read through the owners manual of your car you will see that your oil doesn't need to be changed every 3,000 miles like all those oil change places tell you. In the event you studied your manual, you are going to know that your oil should be changed every 6000 to 7000 miles. So generally these oil change places are being untruthful to you about that.

If you study the owner's manual, you will also see at what time you should get the air filters changed. In my circumstance, it is suggested that I change my car's air filter every two years or when it's all clogged up. In my instance, the air filter still looked pretty good after four years but I opted to change it anyway just in case. Nevertheless, anytime I would pay a visit to these quick oil change places, they'd tell me I would need a new air filter. As a matter of fact, after I had recently changed my air filter, I brought my car into a quick oil change place and they told me that I needed a new air filter. They alleged that the air filter was starting to discolor which could have meant that it would start clogging at anytime. When I told them that I had just changed it several months previous, they then told me it would have to be changed in another six months or so.

What I don't understand about that is that at first this person told me it needed to be changed. At that point their story changed when I mentioned that it wasn't that old. It just shows how very, very terrible and dishonest these people who work at these oil change places are.

There is one time where they changed my transmission fluid. Almost any time you pay a visit to these places, they will let you know that your transmission fluid will also need to be changed. Once, when they informed me, I allowed them to do it. Then, after I went back to get my oil changed three months later, they told me I seriously needed to have my transmission fluid changed. Which was the final time I ever went to any of those places.

Since that time, I have found an auto mechanic who is trustworthy that can work on my car. One thing you should consider is that the workers of the oil change places aren't required to go to school to tell you what you need to have done to your car. Still a mechanic who happens to be certified is more than qualified to help maintain your car. Registry reviver review, Clean PC

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