Car Valeting Beginners Guide

By Doug Spain

Ever just wished there was a way to get your car into the same state it had been the day it left the showroom? Car valeting gives you the means to clean and reinstate your car to its top condition. With some know how, you can make your car look the best you have ever seen it. What should you know about car valeting?

What's Involved?

To have full success from car valeting, you'll need to wash, polish, wax the exterior as well as clean your wheels and tyres. After you have completed the surface, you'll move onto the car's engine, carpets, pads, cleaning the glass and plastic, eliminating any spills and smells while looking after any leather-based upholstery.


You begin by cleaning the outside of the car. Here, you need a top quality wash mitt to help you apply water and shampoo to your car. Whenever selecting a wash mitt, go for one made of real wool. They're the softest choice out there (so you do not scuff the finish), and they can also carry quite a bit of water and shampoo.

An incredible tip for washing your car is to use the two bucket method. Bucket one will include a shampoo and water combo and bucket two will just hold clear water for rinsing. Bucket guards ought to be used. These are placed at the base of both buckets to let dirt to pass through them, blocking you from carrying the debris back using your wash mitt.

Purchase a good car shampoo. Although it's arguable, cheap shampoos will likely not possess the effectiveness and protection of the more costly solutions.

It is much faster as well as efficient to dry your car using microfibre towels. PVA towels could be used as an alternative. A jet mist nozzle may be used as a very last rinse after cleaning.


Polish is designed to conceal any kind of minute defects in the car's paint. It does not harm the finish of the paint. The best results tend to be seen working with a fine polish to make a smooth and wet appearance. You can polish by hand, or you can make use of a buffer to perform the job. If you choose to use an electrical buffer, just be sure you operate the correct technique - overlapping movements at a relaxed rate.


Waxing is required to seal your finish, and is put on across the surface of your polish. It will help you keep the "newly polished" look to your vehicle's paint. A high quality artificial wax can be used however the ideal results are usually with natural waxes, such as carnauba. Don't forget, avoid waxing your front and back lights.

Tyres and Wheels

Remember to wash the wheels and car tyres while cleaning the vehicle's exterior. Take advantage of the two bucket system once again however this time around double the quantity of car shampoo. Clean up your wheels and car tyres by scrubbing them. Put on some sort of tyre dressing right after cleaning for a more effective finish.

The Engine

Whenever washing the engine, it is important to mask any kind of detectors just before applying a decent degreaser. Engine protectant ought to be put to use right at the end to keep the engine secured as well as clean.

Interior Process

You are going to want a few various things to clean up the inside of the vehicle. First of all, you should definitely get a vacuum cleaner that has wet/dry cleaning. You will want a handful of accessories for it to get inside all the restricted spaces. A good carpet shampoo helps the vacuum cleaner pick-up any kind of dirt.

Cleaning your vehicle's interior contains a number of phases. If you begin with the glass windows, you must clean them using a glass cleaning solution after which you can buff them using a towel. The majority of the various surfaces within your vehicle will have special products intended for them, like the plastic as well as vinyl.

Any kind of stains inside your vehicle must be eliminated using a neutral cleaning agent combined with water. Use a scrub brush as well as a putty knife in a few instances to aid.

Leather needs to be approached properly. Select a excellent leather cleaner as well as a delicate brush to help you.

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