Clean Your RC Boats and Save Money

By Norman Tuker

A boat of any size is a big investment for most people. Boat owners looking for ways to protect their precious expenditure often turn to heavy duty tarps. These kinds of poly tarps will protect a boat from damaging ultraviolet rays, dirt, extreme weather, and pests. They can also help to secure a boat against theft.

Sailing contests in which yachts capsize and the crew gets imprisoned inside the cabin are a reality that needs to be brought into account when choosing your survival boat. The unfortunate crew cannot free themselves because the water rushes in and the boat sinks. We can follow the coverage of the plight of the unfortunates for several days. During those days they remain locked up before they are rescued. This assumes that the yacht can be located. At the end of 2012, after the reversal of the poles, this would be a hopeless situation that must be avoided.

We will be witness to global destruction, and chances are pretty high that there won't be anyone available to rescue you from awkward situations. So how can you possibly prevent such a situation? Do unsinkable boats exist? Who knows more about this? The good news is that there are a few companies that do build those types of boats...and their business is on the upraise since more and more people see this as an alternative for 2012 survival. One of them being Unsinkable Motor Yacht from Malle, Belgium. Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, is known for housing some of the finest sail boat building companies, especially the unsinkable ones. They are developing an unsinkable motor yacht with an approximate length of ten meters (30 feet). If they succeed they can also start building bigger sailing ships. The Flemish Authority supports this. It believes in a worldwide prevailing quality. The name of the company is ETAP. In a meeting, sales manager Jan van Speybroeck confirmed they do build and deliver unsinkable boats for their clients. During this conversation, some of the problems that would confront anyone in an ETAP, were identified as follows:

These heavy duty boat tarps commonly come in silver, white, green, or black. If the boats' seats are made of leather white is probably the best option because it is reflective and will protect the interior of the boat better than a darker color. With too much exposure to light leather will crack. Tarps that weigh between five and six ounces per square yard are ideal. They should also have eyelets spaced no more than 18 inches apart, which allow the tarp to be tied down more tightly.

The eyelets of a standard tarp are spaced 36 inches apart. Tying the tarp down tightly is going to be key to helping to protect against the elements and unwanted furry visitors. These tarps can be purchased in different sizes and do not need to be custom fitted to the boat. This will save you money. The tarps can be secured with ropes or bungee cords fastened under the boat.

Anyone considering escape by boat needs to take into account that the ETAP yachts are small, and that is a disadvantage. You cannot bring much food, survival material, or many books. Each ship can only carry the most important things, so the literature will have to be divided amongst them. The boats belonging to a group need to stay close to each other, however, in most cases this will be next to impossible. After the chaos has dissolved, the survivors will have to summon all their force to reach the place of gathering, which itself may prove hard to find in a greatly changed world. But it will be imperative to meet, so that all the information that has been spared can be gathered in one place and a mini-library can be constructed as quickly as possible.

Remember, at this moment ETAP is the only producer in the world of comfortable, unsinkable yachts. If you have hesitated too long, you will never be able to get such a yacht. Timing will be an issue even if you want to rent a boat, once you are convinced of the necessity. A License for Hiring a Boat Yachts can be rented. To mention some places: the Azure Coast, South Brittany, Corfu, Gouvia and Mallorca. In 2012 there will surely be more places. In order to rent a boat there is, however, one challenge: you need to have a boater's license which means that you have to take an instruction course on boating. Without such a license you cannot rent a boat. Therefore start taking lessons well beforehand, or have someone with you who does have a license!

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