Effective Car Maintenance Tips For New Owners

By Byron Jonas

For someone interested in keeping an automobile in prime condition, the following car maintenance tips will help you achieve this fit.Every time that you are about to use your vehicle, make sure you do a comprehensive engine check to ensure that the liquids in there are at the right level. Whenever refilling, ensure that the oil, water, break fluid and gas are clean.

As you switch on the car, pay all your attention to the light switches, found just under the dashboard. There are several lights here, each serving a purpose. Do not assume the warnings you are given. If it is the check oil, do exactly that. Check the oil tank; it may be empty, blocked or overflowing. Adjust it to the right level. If after you have made the right adjustment the light does not go away. Consult your mechanic. There could be some electric dysfunction in need of immediate attention.

Whenever you are using your vehicle, always pay attention to the small tell tale signs that warn you on your cars performance. Listen to the sounds from your engine or any other parts. Find out what is causing it. Also be on the lookout for any leakages, smoke or low performance by certain parts. Remember to always check the pressure on your tires before driving off.

If the vehicle has a problem and your mechanic needs to repair a part. Look for a compatible part meant for that exact car model. Buy original spares, this may cost you at the moment but in the end it will not cost as much as the generic parts do. As they do more harm than good.

You should also lubricate your vehicles parts as often as necessary. Do not wait until you hear funny noises coming from the car so as to grease the various parts that need greasing. The places to be greased include hinges, and any other movable parts in the vehicle including the collapsible seats and retractable antennas.

Thorough cleaning also helps in maintaining the vehicle and giving it a good look. Identify the type of material used in finishing the interior, and then clean accordingly. You can always start working from the vehicles inside working towards the outside. Wash the body and once dry give a wax. Carefully select the type of wax and read the instructions on the package before using.

Finally, never wait for the vehicle to break down. Once you reach the service limit, take the car to be serviced. This car maintenance tips will guarantee your vehicles life is extended.

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