Finding Cheap Travel Through Europe

By Byron Jonas

Countless people throughout the years have gone on a grand tour of the European continent as a sort of turning point in their lives. Today people are likely to backpack around the continent, though in the past wealthy sons of aristocrats would do the "grand tour", which involved visiting all the European capitals at lavish expense. Sadly, that costliness has decreased somewhat but is still significant today - which is why cheap travel through Europe is something so many people want to find.

This continent is home to many of this world's finest cities. Places like Paris, with its Eiffel Tower, the hill at Montmarte and the Sacre Coeur, are all where people should see before they die. Similarly people should visit Berlin, with its famous Brandenburg Gate and the remnants of a famous wall which until recently split east from west in Germany along communist and capitalist lines.

London has the Tower of London and bridges which span the River Thames. It has the home of Shakespeare, and the Globe Theater, where many of his plays were first performed on the South Bank of the Thames. It has great cuisine and fantastic people.

But getting around this continent is not as easy as it may seem. Though the scale of it is not necessarily that much greater than the United States, each country is individual and has its own border requirements. Additionally, many of the nations are separated by large masses of water, meaning that people need to buy expensive air fares or ferry tickets to get from one place to another.

People need to try and keep their costs low. Thankfully, many low cost airlines exist in the area that give decent quality service at a low price. But it is not airlines but railway systems which are the best way to travel.

People should try and get around by train because of amazing scenery which will pass by their window. Moreover, people can actually get under the English Channel with a train thanks to the Channel Tunnel. Moreover, it is incredibly cheap.

People can buy interrail passes which allow them cheap travel through Europe. These last for a period of several days, and mandate that people can make a certain number of trips in that time. One of the most cost effective is the 14 day, 10 trip pass.

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