Finding The Right Sat Nav System

By Andrew Johnson

At one point in time if people wanted to undertake a cross country adventure in their cars, they would need to invest in individual state maps which could be unfolded by a navigator working in tandem with the driver to figure out where exactly they were going. This was cumbersome and problematic, especially if the passenger in the front seat had a problem in reading maps. There was not a single trip that would pass without people getting into arguments about missed turns or incorrect ways to get to a destination. People would find that their holidays were ruined by this constant bickering over where to go. But no longer: the age of the sat nav is upon the world.

Satellite navigation has proved to be a massive boon to people looking to find their way across difficult patches of turf. It harnesses the power of space satellites - thousands of which are currently encircling the earth at present - to help in geolocation of a certain receiver. It does this by triangulating a position to pinpoint where exactly a person is wherever they are on the globe.

It is not just home users trying to drive across country who have need for this sort of thing. Big haulage companies will rely on them to track their deliveries and give up to date information to their customers. Similarly, ships will stay on their routes thanks to satellite navigation systems.

Moreover, explorers use the same technology to locate themselves in remote climates. This is important if they fall into difficulties. The way this is done is best explained by simple math.

A satellite signal is sent from a device on the ground to a receiver in near earth orbit. This is then sent to another satellite circling the globe, and sent back to earth. This all happens in a matter of seconds.

It is not just domestic users who want to get directions who can use this. The precision (in the best cases, to within millimeters across the whole globe) means that military industrial complexes use it too. Aircraft, both military and domestic, make use of the technology.

A sat nav is hugely useful for drivers. But it also has many other uses. People have figured out how to rework pre existing technology for an altogether more modern usage.

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