Good Wipers - Windshield Scratch Repair Review

By Carter Wright

Looks like it, but no snow yet, I got fed up with the irritation of replacing the rubber inserts in my Honda Odyssey wiper blades. My main concern was stopping the spread of the crack since I did not wish to replace the windshield on an eleven year old automobile. Received these the same time as a steam vapor cleaner on wheels. I purchased these blades for my 1996 Pontiac Grand Am.

It is on it is way already for mobile windscreen repair.

The resin will harden after 10-30 minutes (depending on how much UV light you can get). Great value!

The towel gives up the dirt and food matter when rinsed and wrung out.

I suggest the product if you do not wish to pay $50-60 to get it fixed and you won't mind if it doesn't look perfect. They weren't marked so it was impossible to determine who made them until I visited the dealership to get some work done on my small car and the brand new ones had them on them. My wife and I were happy with the blades. I end up needing to use a large amount of these for windscreen scratches when I could use just one or two more top quality microfiber towels. Unnoticeable unless of course pointed out. They do not scratch, they do not leave lint, plus they clean wonderful. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the Evolution wipers. I have by no means purchased Bosch before, I have just had the stock wipers that arrived on my small Scion (toyota). Once I got down in the mountain and the snow converted into rain, the wipers left a nice blurry streak with every wipe, which took about a second to clear out.

This really is an additional major factor.

If you did not know where the crack was, you'd never spot it.

Regarding the item quality: the suction cups are great for fixing tinted windows for cars. It's a little thin than others from a nationwide warehouse purchase. Thank you for all the fantastic feedback. I had to go over it two times though since the very first time it did not work so well. With three various colours it's now easy to not get floor rags confused with the kitchen rags.

But there you have it, nowadays a lot of products do not live up to expectations. I had an additional crack fixed last year by a service and they did an extremely poor job on my car windscreen replacement.

Quit purchasing the cheapos and get these, its worthwhile.

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