Rain-X Latitude-2 Problem - Windshield Scratch Repair Review

By Chris Campbell

So what can I say, they wipe away the rain and then leave no streaks. Once more, shame on Amazon for not determining how to place several windshield scratch repair wiper blades in a very large box!

The car windscreen replacement company certainly knows that fractures in glass can't be repaired and really should not advertise an "after" photograph which shows a windshield without any hint of having been broken.

"Screw on the resin chamber so the rubber mouth is flat against the windshield, in complete, but gentle, connection with the glass". Second, take notice of the dimensions.

Second, the character of windshield cracks: When a stone hits a windshield it flexes the glass enough that inner fracturing happens.

After about forty minutes the crack on my car windscreen replacement vanished. They do work wonderfully without detergent, so no requirement for setting up to clean with soap and water, rinse water, buckets, rubber gloves, etc. Because the day was cloudy and threatened rain, I attempted using a bathroom heat lamp bulb hung over the windshield in my garage, but with no success. Nevertheless, they're nice looking and given Bosch's status I anticipate them to work just fine if I at any time need them.

At this early point, happy. Now, here's my assessment. One of the most basic elements about your vehicle that most likely never will get much attention to are the wipers. So never got an opportunity to find out! It's not going to get everything in the planet clean, however it gets a lot more clean than other things I've run into. Perhaps more engineering must go into the item. There are so many of these that I haven't even come close to using all of the cloths in the first package. Unnoticeable unless of course pointed out.

No problem! In 2006, there is no-one in my region who repaired windscreens.

It had been very difficult to see that the resin reached all broken areas, but at first it looked fantastic as the resin pump was on.

I could not find these cheaper anywhere to use for an auto glass estimate. They're quiet and clear the windshield completely during windshield scratch repair. I've already washed them many times and they are working as they did when new.

I had a very difficult time finding moist swiffer cloths to fit the extra large one I got myself from amazon. This blade generally did a great job. Today I hit the lottery again, really two hits one stone within three mm. Not only is the crack sealed, buy if you don't look very closely and know its there, you would never be able to tell anything ever happened.

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