Great For Rain - Vancouver Auto Glass Review

By Grace Bennett

I figured well, perhaps it must break it, or "set in" to suit my window better.

Only time and winter will tell if this is a very good product. I did previously use rain-ex wipers and they drove me insane on intermittant pace. Aside from this rather severe defect the blades performed nicely.

I do not live where it snows, just rain. But to date I've had them a couple weeks, and they are working fantastic.

I needed to step up, but the next stage of blades are extremely costly.

The storm yesterday was an ideal check. The substitute worked just like the original. Nevertheless, it has been extremely rainy here since I have received them. If you need that, you're at a complete loss. In the summertime they work fine, but when the weather dips beneath fifty, the bigger blade begins to streak. They're quite and they thoroughly clean the windshield without streaks.

Works a lot better than the OEM.

I have no clue what kind of upkeep these need or will need, simply because they have this new graphite coating but I would have rubbed it off after I cleaned them with a cloth after installing them.

These were very hard to set up and various plastic components were getting damaged and distorted along the way. They came in two different boxes (each large enough for a VCR), from two different shippers - FedEX and UPS. These contoured blades are meant to maintain connection with the windshield in snowy circumstances. The only real cause I'm giving it three stars only on my replacement window reviews is that the connector is quite a big and it looks like nipples on my small windshield. An even clean sweep each time over my Vancouver auto glass. I had Bosch wipers before (top quality version) and believed that these will have the exact same replacement window ratings.

I purchased these in October and by January they ready for replacing. Efficiency: The wipers work well if they are doing the upward movement. I've little small "hooks" or something like that on the cowl against the glass, the wiper arm rests on if they are switched off, but the fatty portion of these blades, just above the glass ("aerodynamic wind spoiler"), disrupts that small part, so the wipers do not quite go back home completely if they are off. I actually do find that around some ends the wiper doesn't make complete contact plus some water escapes. No chatter or squeaking whatsoever. They cost a bit more but they are worth the cash, I have put them on my vehicles. I replaced the OEM wipers on my small 2006 Mazda 6 with one of these Bosch blades; I know nothing about cars however with the aid of my young nephew, we had them set up in minutes, super easy. Water "builds" along the side of the blade so when the wiper is doing the downward movement, it "sprinkles" the windshield back with water, right in the line of view. The simplicity of installation was incredible plus they do not leave a streak on the windshield whatsoever.

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