Increasing Storage In The Home

By Adriana Noton

We have definitely changed as a society over the last few decades, always seeming to want more things. We shop more than ever before, and so we are running out of room in our homes, or we simply live in cluttered spaces. Below are some great ways in how to increase storage in your home.

Even if people are not the type to keep shopping for things, technology has forced us to do so. Take for example how television has changed us, making us invest in more television sets, VCRs, DVD players, the movies that go with them, and so on. Basically, consumers invested in VHS movies, only having to replace them with DVD movies, which will end up changing sooner or later. Many of us feel that we can't throw these things out, so we just keep adding to the clutter.

The same is true with regards to clothes. We seem to shop on a weekly basis for new pieces, but our closets just can't handle any more. There is no way around it, other than adding new storage.

One way to do that is to build a closet, and preferably a cedar closet in your basement, if you have one. Cedar will help to maintain fabrics, without them getting damaged by humidity or other factors. However, one must plan ahead for this to ensure that it will be large enough to accommodate the huge wardrobe you may have. Furthermore, you could also purchase a wardrobe, or a stand-alone closet, which come in many different materials and styles.

Next, a homeowner should tackle the garage. Although it is built with the intention to park a car in it, most homeowners just turn it into a junkyard. Clean it up, purging anything that is not being used. Then, invest in cabinets. The doors will help you to create a more organized space, hiding away clutter.

Shelves are also necessary, as these can help to organize even the smallest of items, keeping them within reach. Try labeling the shelves to ensure that the item is replaced after usage. It is very easy to forget where things belong, and then it just turns into a mess once again. Tackling the sporting equipment is another big task that many homeowners have to deal with. Thankfully, there are lots of options. A good investment is a ceiling bike rack.

For the bathroom, with everyone having their own personal toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and so on, the room usually ends up overly cluttered and unorganized. To remedy this situation, add cabinets to the room if there is space, or choose a vanity that is larger and better organized.

Of course, the kitchen is one room that has many demands on it, having to store not only small appliances but also foods, glassware, cookware, and more. All these things in cabinets eat up precious space, so special solutions have to be discovered and used. To free up a lot of cabinet space, use a pot rack that can suspend from the ceiling and a glass rack to hang under cabinets to accommodate stem glasses. Shelves could serve as open cabinets to place dishes, as well. In the end, there are many savvy solutions to storage, and all it takes is a small investment and some creativity.

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