Keeping Your Van Secure - 5 Tips

By Courtney E. Little

Many people depend on their vans for their livelihood. Naturally then, we're always looking for ways to help make sure our van is secure. These are just a few simple tips, and it doesn't start any simpler than making sure valuables are kept out of sight. Of course, ideally you won't have to leave valuables in your van at all. We've all seen those signs stating nothing of value is left in your van, now it's time to get one for yourself.

Parking in a secure place is obviously ideal, but if you can't store your van in a secure car park or locked garage there are still steps you can take to avoid your van being a target of crime. Parking in a well lit area and making sure your van is not isolated are two simple ways of lowering your chances of being a victim.

Having extra locking features installed may be right for you depending on your line of work. A slam lock for example is ideal for anyone who is often in and out of their van. If you have to pop out for just a minute there might be a temptation to not bother locking your van. A slam lock will ensure that just closing the van door is enough to make sure it is locked, which could make all the difference - thieves are opportunistic and don't need a second invitation to steal.

Many newer vans have certain safety features as standard, such as an engine immobilizer, which became compulsory in 1998. If you have a particularly old van getting one installed is a cost-effective way of securing your van. An optional install is a GPS tracker - should your van go missing for any reason this will help you find it.

And of course, ensure your van is alarmed. Some thieves will test a van out before breaking into it by giving it a good bump. An alarm will deter criminals, who will become nervous about being seen. These are just five ways to help keep your van and anything in your van secure.

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