Mercruiser Oil: For An Engine That Is More Efficient And More Economical

By Frank Robert Smith

Mercruiser is a company of high repute that manufactures engines. It specializes in inboard and sterndrive engines used on boats whose horsepower ranges between 135 to 430 watts. Such engines are carbureted models and fuel injected models. These are high performing engines that can be used for racing, fishing and cruising. They consume gasoline and Mercruiser oil.

Mercruiser oil is recommended for use in these engines. One is advised to change oil every year or after about 100 hours of use. This preserves and maintains the engines in good condition for years. There is a manual which comes with the product that gives guidelines on how to perform this task appropriately and the amount of lubricant appropriate for the engine capacity.

Using the appropriate high quality lubricant for this engine is vital. Such a lubricant can prevent the engine from being destroyed. A full synthetic lubricant containing low phosphorus levels is very efficient. A lubricant with a high phosphorus level is likely to tamper with the engine's catalyst system.

It is advisable to avoid some oils as they could damage the engine after some time. They include multi-viscosity oils, non-rated synthetic oils and non-detergent oils. Other oils that should be avoided are those containing solid additives and low quality oils because they can damage the engine too.

When you use the recommended oils for these engines, you derive lots of benefits. Your engine could give you longer service as these oils lubricate it better. When engines work efficiently, consumption of gas and oils is reduced. This can help you to save some money on these two items.

Mercruiser oil is a high quality lubricant used specially for this brand of boat engines. Using the proper lubricant in these engines improves their performance and also gives them a longer life. It also helps in reducing consumption of gas and oils and this results in great savings.

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