Pass your driving test: tips to relax

By Jim James

Eventually your driving instructor has advised you can book a date to take your practical driving test. You get really excited and begin to spend your free time wandering round car show rooms, trawling the online for insurance and checking your account to see how much you can spend on your new car.

Taking a driving test can be a worrying experience for the best of us, so before you get ahead of yourself, make an effort to consider the things you can do to prepare yourself so you are calm and collected on the day, thus giving yourself the best chance of changing your licence from provisional to full.

Below are some tips that can help you be prepared and relax ahead of your test.

- If you can, book the day off university or work. Your mind should be focused solely on what's needed of you during your test. You never know what can transpire during a working day and you do not need to be stressing about such things as deadlines, assignments or that one awkward customer.

- Don't book your test for too soon after you wake up. You need to make sure you have time to shower, dress and eat breakfast (nourishment is vitally important to both our physical and psychological well being) without needing to rush around. Typically your driving instructor will pick you up from your home and escort you to the test centre. If however this is not the case for you, then allow for travelling time. If a particular test time isn't a choice you can make, consider the above mentioned factors when setting your alarm clock the night before.

- Think about what you're going to do the evening before. Use your time with individuals that are a calming influence on you or if you're on your own, partake of activities that cause you to feel good about yourself. An evening out at a bar may not be the best idea, you need to think about what you drink and eat in the hours before your test. Substances such as alcohol affect stuff like your reaction times.

- Decide in advance which clothes you are going to wear. Don't wear anything too tight or restricting. You have to be comfortable, have the ability to move your arms and legs freely and rotate your body in order to look over your shoulder.

Following the above tips to help you relax will ensure that all you need to worry about is driving to the best of your ability and passing your test.

Good luck!

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  1. I am looking for follow these amazing steps to relaxed. This is amazing place to get know about best driving tips.